Meet Stephen and Lorraine Stavropoulos

missions4stevelorraineStavropoulosSteve joined TWR in Swaziland in 1977 as an Electrical Engineer. In 1978 he met Lorraine while they were studying at Rosebank Bible College for a year. They returned together to Swaziland immediately after being married in January 1979. Steve worked shifts for a number of years at the Manzini site and has been the chief engineer for the past seventeen years.

Besides raising their three children, Lorraine has been involved in hosting mission guests, functions and auditioning of programs. For many years she has been the DX secretary for Swaziland and more recently, also for the Benin broadcasts.

Children: Esther, Duane and John




Stephen and Lorraine Stavropoulos

Fundraising Goal: R 100000.00
Start Date: January 14, 2015
End Date: January 14, 2020