Isolomndeni (The Eye of the Family)

isolomndeniThis is a series of programmes specifically focused on the family. As so many marriages and families are under heavy pressure, these programmes equip fathers, mothers and children to cope with everyday life within the family unit. TWR partners with Family Impact and together conduct seminars for families. During one of these seminars a mother tells her story:

"Every day when I was participating at the training discussion groups, I was able to exchange lots of information with my colleagues and this helped me to see things differently. I began to change not only in my attitude of doing things, but also in my way of perceiving life as a whole. Every evening I would give feedback to my husband and this made us to have quality time and discussions, which were no longer happening in our life. On Saturday, I invited him to join the seminar. He is usually a shy and reserved person but I was so surprised to see him opening up and engaging in discussion sessions. I want to thank TWR and Family Impact for this wonderful transformation. My family will never be the same again. As I leave this hall today, I am going to start from scratch and be a wise builder".

Isolomndeni (Eye of the Family)

Fundraising Goal: R 100000.00
Start Date: January 14, 2015
End Date: January 14, 2020