Zulu Ministry Projects

The Vision: 

zulu1Utilising mass media to develop every man, women and child in KwaZulu-Natal into a true disciple of Jesus Christ,  transforming their communities. 


Our vision is accomplished by:

Production and Airing of Programmes:

TWR believes that this bold vision can be accomplished through the faithful production of relevant Biblical programmes addressing the real needs of people in the communities. These programmes are being broadcast over various platforms like FM stations, the Internet and over electronic devices. TWR forms discipleship groups in partnership with the Church who listen to such programmes, discuss the content and pray for one another. We trust that this endeavour will aslo strengthen the church and transform individuals, families and eventually the community.

Discipleship Groups:

Various descipleship groups have been formed in the rural areas surrounding our offices in KwaZulu-Natal. The leaders of each group are trained to use the audibible with TWR's programmes on. Each week the groups listen to the programmes and discuss the content. TWR's aim is to have 200 groups by 2015. It is TWR's privledge to partner with the church and assist in the growth of members and reaching out to unbelievers.


With each of these programmes TWR also conducts seminars to further equip listeners and help them grow deeper in knowledge and daily Christ-like living. The effects and results of these seminars have been a great inspiration to the TWR team in KZN.


TWR’s team in KZN embarked on a research project last year to determine the real needs of people in the communities in proximity of our offices in Botha’s Hill. The team was amazed at the results as they knocked on doors and meet listeners face to face. This experience totally changed the way they produce programmes as they now understand the circumstances and needs of the people.