Prayer April 2016

Download the April 2016 Prayer Requests below:

Date Day Prayer
This month we pray for TWR-SA’s staff. Please make use of the prayer card with their photographs which you received from us as a friend at the end of last year. Thank you!
1 Friday Please pray for Danie du Preez as he motivates, supports and encourages the team to diligently accomplish God’s call for TWR-SA in 2016. May God protect him as he travels.
 2 Saturday We pray for the TWR-SA leadership team that meets monthly to look at utilising mass media opportunities and developing the ministry to the glory of God.
 3 Sunday We thank God for TWR-SA’s Board members. Pray for wisdom as they seek to ensure that all is well with TWRSA and apply good governance. 
 4 Monday Pray for Deanie Padayachee as he diligently handles TWR-SA’s finances. Ask for wisdom, strength and focus in his bookkeeping and reporting.
 5 Tuesday Today we thank God for the many volunteers assisting TWR-SA with various tasks in the offices, such as editing material, handling administration and packing newsletters.
 6 Wednesday Let us pray for TWR’s TTB programme in Kiswahili aired by the national broadcaster in Kenya. Ask that heart and minds would be changed.
 7 Thursday Today we pray for TWR’s broadcasts from Voice of the Church in Swaziland. Ask that many people in that needy country would come to know Jesus Christ personally.
 8 Friday Fortune Ngcobo hopes to expand TWR-SA’s audio-visual ministry this year. Ask God for the resources, time and skills needed to be a great of this for His Name’s sake.
 9 Saturday Let us pray for Evart Magwasa and Emmanuel Sibisi who look after TWR-SA’s property and gardens. May God bless them as they care for what He has entrusted to us.
 10 Sunday Thank the Lord for Zakhiti Jiyeza and Philile Bhengu who recently joined TWR-SA. Pray that God would richly bless them in all areas of their lives. 
 11 Monday We pray for the programmes aired over TWR’s short- and MW transmitters in Swaziland. Ask God that many people would tune in and hear the truth of His Word.
 12 Tuesday Today we pray for TWR’s desire to see more radio stations receiving and airing our programmes that speak to the needs of men, women, children, the family, and leaders.
 13 Wednesday Let us pray for TWR’s Zulu programmes aired over the Good News Community Radio station in Kwa- Zulu-Natal.
 14 Thursday Let us pray for Eberhard Haberkorn who works hard to see that all publications are professionally done and also ensures that the computers and server of TWR-SA work well.
 15 Friday Angelika Haberkorn looks after TWR’s German and Afrikaans listeners. Pray that listeners would experience God’s work in their lives as they respond to the programmes.
 16 Saturday We pray for the broadcasts of TWR Radio 155 to Southern Africa, that the programme producers and presenters would be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
 17 Sunday Verona Schiele assists ERF-Medien with administration, preparation of orders and quality control. We ask the Lord’s blessing on all she does. 
 18 Monday Let us pray for the ERF-Medien Board coming alongside the team to encourage them and help them understand the ministry to German communities.
 19 Tuesday Ask God to give the ERF-Medien team in Namibia wisdom as they prepare for this year’s Missionsfest.
 20 Wednesday Join us in prayer for TWR’s German programmes aired over Namibia Broadcasting Corporation, Channel 7, and Hitradio in Namibia.
Let us pray for TWR’s missionaries.
 21 Thursday David Holtzhausen cares for TWR’s missionaries. Ask for great wisdom, sensitivity and compassion as he connects with the missionaries on a regular basis. 
 22 Friday Today is Zoë Gwala’s birthday. Ask God to give her a year filled with His goodness, strength and joy as she serves her family, TWR-SA and the local church.
 23 Saturday Please ask God to help James Burnett, senior engineer of TWR-Africa, with all the responsibilities of ensuring that transmitter sites run well and equipment is well maintained.
 24 Sunday Pray for Steve and Lorraine Stavropoulos as they faithfully serve TWR as a couple. Please pray for a meaningful and rewarding year. 
 25 Monday We pray for Gottfried Schiele who keeps all the IT systems in place so that broadcasts can take place digitally without any interruption. Ask God to help him with all the details.
 26 Tuesday Let us pray for Garth and Fiona Kennedy serving at TWR’s transmitter site in Benin. Ask for God’s protection, as well as diligence and joy as they minister to the community.
 27 Wednesday Pray for Marinus Geyser who serves as a live broadcast radio presenter. May the Lord use him greatly in all areas of service. 
 28 Thursday Klaus and Katja Schiller serve TWR in Swaziland. We bring them as a family to the Lord to enfold them with His love and goodness, and use them to impact lives around them. 
 29 Friday Christo and Luïse van Eeden are TWR-SA missionaries in KZN. Thank the Lord for the success in their areas of ministry.
 30 Saturday We thank God for His continued faithfulness as we focus on His call for TWR-SA this month. All praise and honour be to His Name!