TWR receives prestigious award

CARY, N.C. (March, 2016) – Member Care Media (MCM), a ministry of TWR that serves cross-cultural workers around the globe, has been singled out...

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Destined for greater things

Like many missionaries encountered on the missions field, Lorraine Stavropoulos has a very quiet and unassuming way about her. It is therefore...

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When nothing is impossible with God

From a strict Islamic community in an African country comes the touching story of life not only taken, but abundant life given …


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“Ithemba Labantwana” (Hope for our children)

It gives us tremendous joy to report that our endeavour to replac


Dear friend of TWR-SA, Looking back at more than 25 years of TWR-


The practice of DXing arose during


This is the story of a prisoner by the name of Gladman whose life


The Zulu language department under the leadership of Petros Gwala


Dear TWR partner and friend, As we enter 2016 we want to proclaim


Not everyone is easily excited by broadcast equipment such as tran

christmas small 20151001

Special word from our hearts to all our friends and prayer partners

Flasskamp-familie 20151001

We say good bye to Natalie Flasskamp as she leaves TWR SA......


Project Hannah (PH) in South Africa, challenged South African sisters...


Swaziland AM Transmitter Project - medium wave signal gets a boost!


In the days since the earthquake in Nepal on 25 April, many aid organi...


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Powerful life-changing messages are beamed from Swaziland in multiple di..


TWR’s transmitter site near Manzini in Swaziland is known for its beau...

A New 500kW transmitter for PANI

 In many parts of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Northern India (PANI), people have never seen a church or met a Christian. Especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan, in people’s minds Christianity has become synonymous with America’s political agenda. Although deeply religious and earnest seekers after God, the population has no understanding at all of Who Jesus Christ is and what it means to follow Him.

Millions of inhabitants in the PANI region, particularly in rural areas, turn to their radios for news, instruction and entertainment. It is a simple, non-threatening way to introduce people to a biblical worldview and to the Prince of Peace. Radio waves can reach into whole villages where human missionaries would not only be unwelcome, but also be in danger.

Although TWR has been broadcasting in the region on shortwave radio for some time now, PANI’s new AM transmitter expands our impact dramatically with 500,000 watts of power.

“Deeply moved and with great joy and heartfelt thankfulness to our Lord Jesus, I report to you that this afternoon local time we went on air.” Those were the words of a TWR leader on Monday, 16 December 2013. He was referring to test broadcasts being beamed from TWR’s much-anticipated new transmitter to reach spiritually needy listeners in Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India.

“It was very touching when we heard the first broadcasts on the receiver at the transmitting site,” said the emotional TWR executive, who deemed it a privilege to be present at the broadcast location during the testing phase. TWR continued airing regular test transmissions with reduced power and reduced antenna coverage through out that week. Full-powered AM broadcasts began airing in February 2014 after the antenna specialist completed antenna alignment work.india-1Ghazni landscape in Afghanistan. Photo:

TWR appreciates your continued prayer and support of this strategic transmitter project. As you pray, please remember these specific requests:

  • That the Lord would continue to watch over the staff and equipment at the site, readying both to fulfil this vital mission.
  • That the Lord would prepare the hearts of thousands, even millions, of people to tune in and encounter the Gospel for the first time ever.
  • That lasting fruit to God’s glory would result in the lives of listeners.

india-2Office of TWR India. Photo: TWR-International