Meet Katja and Klaus Schiller

They married in 2000. Joined TWR-Swaziland in 2004

After working in their secular jobs, together they completed a 3 years Bible School program.

Klaus is qualified in electrical engineering and Katja is qualified in Occupational Therapy.

We are grateful for three wonderful children, we look forward to God’s leading and help in raising them.

Interesting facts:

We love nature, hiking and appreciating the variety of trees and birds and creation.

Learning the language and culture remains interesting and challenging. We enjoy visiting people.

We keep learning to trust God. We are encouraged by God’s working, especially in situations that seem impossible.

Advice to future candidates:

Attending Bible school and secular job experience helps survival in the mission field.

Katja and Klaus Schiller

Fundraising Goal: R 100000.00
Start Date: January 14, 2015
End Date: January 14, 2020